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Idoling!!! is a Japanese female idol group created by Fuji TV. The concept of the group is to watch as the girls grow as idols and experience various things. The group currently has twenty active members from various talent agencies.[1] Idoling's main source of exposure is their TV show, which airs several new episodes every week on FUJI TV ONE, now more than 900 episodes broadcasted since October 30, 2006.[2][3] In addition to their show, they release albums, singles, DVD specials and perform live.


In October, 2006 auditions were held for 50 people in agencies, and 9 idols were chosen out of them. The audition videos were released on a DVD that accompanied their first single, while the members' first meet-and-greet was featured on the DVD that accompanied their first album, Daiji na Mono.

On March 3, 2008, it was announced that new members would join the group, and then on March 31, on Fuji Television's official site, photos, names and ages of the new members were revealed. With the joining of new members, it the number of members doubled to 18 until Maia Kobayashi (#10) left shortly after her debut to focus more on her education.

On January 18, 2009 Rumi Koizumi (#2) announced her graduation from Idoling!!! due in part to health concerns. Soon after, it was announced that Sayaka Kato (#1), Maria Eto (#4), Mira Takiguchi (#5) and Michelle Miki (#18) would all be graduating from Idoling!!! in March 2009.

Shortly after the departure of these members, three new members were added to commemorate the official third generation of Idoling!!!: Yurika Tachibana (#19), Ai Ōkawa (#20) and Idoling!!!'s youngest member yet, Kaede Hashimoto (#21).

On October 1, 2009 Idoling!!! opened up auditions for its fourth generation to debut in Spring 2010, with the audition process carrying on into February 2010. The new members will be announced on March 6.[4]

In April 2010, the new fourth generation members were introduced in the show: Ruka Kurata (#22), Yūna Itō (#23), Manami Nomoto (#24), Kaoru Gotō (#25) and Chika Ojima (#26).

In February 2011, all members went outside of Japan to Taiwan for the first time. They did a small live and TV promotion for the release of their 3rd album SUNRISE in Taiwan. This marks their first official release outside of Japan.

On April 12, 2011, it was announced that Kaoru Gotō (#25) will be taking a six-month hiatus from Idoling!!! to deal with a family emergency.

At the end of April 2011, Idoling!!! debuted on their second regular program, "Fuji TV Kara no~!" with host Yamazaki of the comedy duo, "Untouchable".

At the end of August 2011 Kaoru Gotō (#25) returned from her hiatus and on Tokyo Idol Festival 2011 appeared on stage with the group.

On October 1, 2011 Idoling!!! opened up auditions for its fifth generation to debut in Spring 2012, with the audition process carrying until the end of November. The 15 finalists will be presented at Idoling!!! 11th Live on December 4, 2011. The fans will be able to vote through a voting ID that comes with Idoling's 17th single "MAMORE!!!". The new members will then be announced during an event in February.[5]

October 2011 saw the release of Idoling!!!'s first international collaboration on the 4th single from the album "Smash" of French DJ "Martin Solveig" with the song "BIG IN JAPAN with Dragonette feat. Idoling!!!". A music video with Idoling!!! was released in October 2011. Shortly afterwards Idoling!!! released a video thanking Martin Solveig and expressed their wish to come to France.[6]

Just a week after their 11th Live, on December 11, 2011 Erika Yazawa (#7) and Phongchi (#8) announced their graduation from the group to pursue a career as a talent. On December 23 a final graduation live will be held. Both will not be included in the new single "MAMORE!!!".

On March 2, 2012, the new fifth generation members were introduced on the show: Kurumi Takahashi (#27), Karen Ishida (#28), Ramu Tamagawa (#29), and Reia Kiyoku (#30).[7]

On April 17, 2012, Fuji TV announced partnership with Google YouTube, including Idoling!!! official YouTube channel.[8] During press conference, Idoling!!! greeted in 15 languages.[9]

On May 9, 2012, Idoling!!! official Facebook page was created but not yet active until July 19.

On May 30, 2012, Suzuka Morita officially graduated from Idoling!!!.[10] Graduation Live was held on the same day at Zepp DiverCity Tokyo.

On June 3, 2012, Idoling!!! started their first tour titled "Hatsu da!Tour da!!Zepp-ng!!!".[11]

On June 25, 2012, Idoling!!! took part in Yubi Matsuri, an idol festival produced by Rino Sashihara from AKB48. The concert was held at Nippon Budokan before a crowd of 8,000 people and featured such girl groups as Shiritsu Ebisu Chūgaku, Super Girls, Tokyo Girls' Style, Nogizaka46, Passpo, Buono!, Momoiro Clover Z, and Watarirouka Hashiritai 7.[12][13]

On August 5, 2012, Idoling!!! announced their 12th Live to be held at NHK Hall on November 25.[14] On August 10, 2012, Idoling!!! broadcasted their 900th episode of their TV show on FUJI TV ONE.

On September 7, 2012, Idoling!!! sold muffler towel with emblem design that look alike the emblem of J-League "Cerezo Osaka" Football Club.[15] The item soon dropped from official website after being confirmed by Cerezo Osaka official.[16] A few days later, Cerezo Osaka and Idoling!!! announced special collaboration.[17] On September 20, during "Cerezo Osaka vs. F.C. Tokyo" match fixture at Cerezo Osaka home ground "Kincho Stadium", five Idoling!!! members (#19 Tachibana, #20 Ōkawa, #22 Kurata, #23 Itō, #28 Ishida) performed three songs before the match at the main entrance and one song during the half-time at the pitch.[18] All members wearing specially designed Cerezo Osaka uniform and to be called "Cerezo na Idoling!!!", except only Tachibana who was wearing F.C. Tokyo uniform[19] due to her being F.C. Tokyo supporter, F.C. Tokyo TV show assistant and reporter.

On November 5, 2012, Idoling!!! announced official Niconico Channel.[20]

On December 26, 2012, #24 Nomoto announced graduation from Idoling!!! and retirement from entertainment business due to family circumstance.[21]


Main article: Idoling!!! Members
All of the members have graduated from Idoling!!! on October 27, 2015 unless otherwise noted.
1st Gen
2nd Gen
3rd Gen (2010)
4th Gen (2011)
5th Gen (2012)
6th Gen (2013)
No Generation Name Flower Birthday Birthplace Blood Type Agency Note
3 First (2006) Endo Mai Camellia 1988.07.31 Tokyo AB Box Corporation Leader
6 Erica Tonooka Sunflower 1991.06.11 Kanagawa A Box Corporation
9 Rurika Yokoyama Lilium] 1991.09.27 Kanagawa O Production Ogi
12 Second (2008) Yui Kawamura Sweet pea 1989.08.05 Shizuoka A Production Ogi
13 Serina Nagano Cosmos 1994.09.29 Chiba B Box Corporation
14 Hitomi Sakai Viola 1989.05.03 Miyazaki O Sony Music Artists Inc.
15 Nao Asahi Ipomoea nil 1994.04.21 Saitama B Vision Factory
16 Ami Kikuchi Anemone coronaria 1990.09.05 Hokkaido B LesPros Entertainment
17 Hitomi Miyake Orchid 1992.07.10 Tokyo A Biscuit Entertainment
19 Third (2009) Yurika Tachibana Gypsophila 1992.12.23 Shiga A Avex Management
20 Ai Okawa Rose 1993.07.17 Hyogo O LesPros Entertainment
21 Hashimoto Kaede Suzuran 1997.01.21 Kanagawa A Biscuit Entertainment
22 Fourth (2010) Ruka Kurata Gerbera 1996.08.04 Osaka O Avex Management
23 Yuna Ito Daisy 1995.08.15 Kagawa A Box Corporation
25 Kaoru Goto Nymphaea 1995.10.16 Oita B Horipro
26 Chika Ojima Oenothera tetraptera 1994.04.19 Chiba B Horipro
27 Fifth (2012) Kurumi Takahashi 1997.03.27 Saitama A Biscuit Entertainment
28 Karen Ishida 1997.08.06 Fukuoka A Box Corporation
29 Tamagawa Ramu 1997.04.30 Kanagawa A Biscuit Entertainment
30 Reia Kiyoku 1999.07.16 Osaka A Production Ogi

Former membersEdit

No Name Flower Agency Graduation
10 Maia Kobayashi Lavender Fit-One (May 2008)
2 Rumi Koizumi Dandelion Biscuit Entertainment (January 2009)
1 Sayaka Kato Cherry blossom Fit-One (March 2009)
4 Maria Eto Argyranthemum Shochiku Geino (March 2009)
5 Mira Takiguchi Pansy Horipro (March 2009)
18 Michelle Miki Tagetes Elite Japan (March 2009)
7 Erika Yazawa Tulip Horipro (December 2011)
8 Fonchi Hibiscus Sony Music Artists Inc. (December 2011)
11 Suzuka Morita Rapeseed Horipro (May 2012)
24 Manami Nomoto Forget-me-not Horipro (December 2012)


  • Baka-rhythm (Hidetomo Masuno) (MC)
  • Sayaka Morimoto (Fuji TV announcer)
  • Maiko Saito (Fuji TV announcer)
  • Sara Hosogai (Fuji TV announcer)
  • Yurika Mita (Fuji TV announcer)



No. Cover Title Release
Ranking *
Sales *
1 Ganbare Otome (Warai) ~ friend regular Ganbare Otome (Warai) / friend
(ガンバレ乙女(笑) / friend)
2007.07.11 13 10,163
2 Snow celebration ~ Moteki no Uta regular Snow celebration / Moteki no Uta
(Snow celebration / モテ期のうた)
2008.01.23 9 14,880
3 Kokuhaku regular Kokuhaku
2008.07.16 9 19,706
4 Shokugyou Idol. regular "Shokugyou: Idol."
2008.11.19 5 14,670
5 Hannin wa Anata Desu Hannin wa Anata Desu♥ / NA・GA・RA
(犯人はあなたです♥ / NA・GA・RA)
2008.12.17 16 6,254
6 Beta na Shitsuren ~Shibuya ni Furu Yuki~ Beta na Shitsuren ~Shibuya ni Furu Yuki~ / Haruka Naru Virgin Road
(ベタな失恋~渋谷に降る雪~ / 遥かなるバージンロード)
2009.01.07 7 7,631
7 Baby blue regular baby blue 2009.04.29 10 14,383
8 Mujouken Koufuku regular Mujouken Koufuku
2009.07.22 5 10,868
9 News large idoling tokimeki tenohira jkt Tenohira no Yuuki
2009.12.01 17 7,316
10 News large idoling puyopuyo love jkt Love Magic♡Fever
2009.12.15 10 8,444
11 News large idoling sow tsujo jkt S.O.W. Sense of Wonder
(S.O.W. センスオブワンダー)
2010.01.27 6 17,098
12 News large idoling meniwa jk tsujo Me ni wa Aoba Yama Hototogisu Hatsukoi
(目には青葉 山ほととぎす 初恋)
2010.06.09 6 27,707
13 Idoling!!! - Poolside Daisakusen Reg Poolside Daisakusen
2010.08.04 7 30,247
14 Idoling!!! - eve Reg eve 2010.11.23 5 39,923
15 Regular-idoling Yarakai Heart
2011.03.02 4 42,691
16 Don't Think. Feel!!! Don't think. Feel!!! 2011.07.27 3 38,999
17 Mamore!!! MAMORE!!! 2012.01.18 2 56,232
18 One Up!!! One Up!!! / Ichigo Gyunyu
(One Up!!! / 苺牛乳)
2012.08.08 4 42,796
19 19thsinglesakurathankyounormal Sakura Thank You
2013.02.13 TBA TBA

Albums Edit

No. Cover Title Release Date
1 Daiji na Mono regular Daiji na Mono
2 Petit-Petit standard Petit-Petit 2009.08.19
3 News large idoling sunrise standard jkt SUNRISE
4 SISTERS CD Cover SISTERS 2011.03.16
5 Idoling!!! - GOLD EXPERIENCE reg GOLD EXPERIENCE 2014.01.08
6 Idoling!!! - Rodeo Machine reg Rodeo Machine




Live and ConcertEdit

  • 2008.06.18 - Idoling!!! 1st Live "Motto Ganbare Otome(Warai)"
  • 2008.06.18 - Idoling!!! 2nd Live "Daiji na Mono"
  • 2008.10.31 - Idoling!!! in Bouken'ou Final ~uRa no Ura Made Micchaku ng!!!~
  • 2009.01.14 - Idoling!!! 3rd Live "Kimeru Nara Kono Natsussung!!!"
  • 2009.06.24 - Idoling!!! 4th Live "Nanika ga Okoru Yokan!!!"
  • 2009.07.01 - Idoling!!! Sotsugyou Live ~Aratanaru Tabidaching!!!~
  • 2009.10.21 - Idoling!!! in Odaiba Gasshuukoku ~uRa no Ura Made Micchakung!!!~
  • 2009.12.25 - Idoling!!! Hachitama Live '09 SPRING
  • 2010.04.21 - Idoling!!! 6th Live "Ya!O!ng!!!"
  • 2010.05.19 - Idoling!!! Hachitama Live Autumn to Christmas
  • 2010.07.07 - Idoling!!! 7th Live "Jinsei=Shugyounaring!!!"
  • 2010.09.01 - Idoling!!! Hachitama Live '10 Winter & Audition
  • 2010.11.17 - Idoling!!! 8th Live "Kono Kimochi wa Sou da Are da Koinandeshou ng!!!"
  • 2010.12.22 - Idoling!!!×YGA Shinahachi Live in Shinagawa Yoshimoto Prince Theater & Osaka NGK
  • 2011.02.09 - TOKYO IDOL FESTIVAL 2010
  • 2011.05.18 - Idoling!!! 9th Live "Bonnou no Kazu dake Ai ga Aru! Oshougatsu eve ng!!!"
  • 2011.11.16 - Idoling!!! 10th Live "Kangaeruna. Kanjirou! GO AHEADng!!!"
  • 2012.01.27 - TOKYO IDOL FESTIVAL 2011 Eco&Smile feat. Idoling!!!
  • 2012.06.06 - Idoling!!! 11th Live "Meccha Chikaizo! Big Egg ng!!!" (Blu-ray)
  • 2012.12.19 - Idoling!!! Hatsu da! Tour da! ZEPPng!!! special contents Morita Suzuka Namida no Sotsugyō Live (Blu-ray)

Gravure DVDEdit

  • 2009.11.18 - Idoling!!! in Okinawa Manza Beach ~Gravure Idol no DVDtte Koko Made!!!~
  • 2009.02.04 - Idoling!!! in Ishigakijima ~Gravure Idol no DVDppokushitemimashita ng!!!
  • 2009.03.18 - Idoling!!! in Ishigakijima ~Idolppokunai uRa no Bubun mo Misechau ng!!!~
  • 2009.11.18 - Idoling!!! in Okinawa Manza Beach ~Gravure Idol no DVDtte Kokomade!!!~
  • 2010.02.17 - Idoling!!! in Okinawa Manza Beach ~Idolppokunai uRa no Bubun Made Mata Mata Misechau ng!!!~
  • 2010.10.13 - Idoling!!! in Okinawa Manza Beach 2010 Gravure Idol no DVDppoidesukedo Karada wo Hatte Yattemasu ng!!!
  • 2010.12.01 - Idoling!!! in Okinawa Manza Beach 2010 Natsu ~Idolppokunai uRa no Ura no Ura Made Misechau ng!!! URAHHH!~
  • 2011.12.21 - Guam Idoling!!! Gravure Idol no DVDppoku Guam Battemasu Guam dake ni ng!!!
  • 2012.02.24 - Guam Idoling!!! Idolppokunai uRa no Ura mo Mada Mada Guam Batte Misechau! Guam dake ni ng!!!
  • 2012.11.21 - Ishigaki Idoling!!! Gravure Idol no Blu-rayppokushitemimashitang!!! Kimi to Ita Natsu (Blu-ray)

Video CollectionEdit

  • 2009.03.18 - Idoling!!! MUSIC VIDEO COLLECTION 2007-2009 Soko Soko Tamattande Dashichaimasu ng!!!
  • 2011.09.21 - Idoling!!! Music Video Collection 2 2009-2011

Limited Release DVDEdit

  • 2008.07.28 - Odaiba Bouken'ou Final Limited Edition "Idoling!!! no Natsu Yasuming!!!" ~Asa kara Hiru Hen~
  • 2008.07.28 - Odaiba Bouken'ou Final Limited Edition "Idoling!!! no Natsu Yasuming!!!" ~Hiru kara Yoru Hen~
  • 2009.07.27 - Odaiba Gasshuukoku Limited Edition "Idoling!!! no Natsu Yasuming!!! 2009" Part1 and Part2
  • 2009.08.11 - Odaiba Gasshuukoku Limited Edition "Idoling!!! no Natsu Yasuming!!! 2009" Part3 and Part4, "Kyoufu no Jitsuwa Kaidan...Idoling Mimi Fukuro!!! Kore wa Gachi desu".
  • 2010.07.17 - Odaiba Gasshuukoku Limited Edition "Idoling!!! no Natsu Yasuming!!! 2010" Part1 and Part2
  • 2010.08.14 - Odaiba Gasshuukoku Limited Edition "Idoling!!! no Natsu Yasuming!!! 2010" Part3, "Maji Naki Member Zokushutsu... Idoling!!! Kimodameshing!!!" and Part4, "Kyoufu no Jitsuwa Kaidan...Idoling Mimi Fukuro!!! Kore wa Gachi desu".
  • 2011.07.17 - Odaiba Gasshuukoku Limited Edition "Idoling!!! no Natsu Yasuming!!! 2011" Part1 and Part2
  • 2011.08.15 - Odaiba Gasshuukoku Limited Edition "Idoling!!! no Natsu Yasuming!!! 2011" Part3, "Honki de Yarimasu... Idoling!!! Hyaku Monogatari!!! & Tokunatsu Island Basket Hen" and Part4, "Honki de Yarimasu... Idoling!!! Hyaku Monogatari!!! Sono Ni & Tokunatsu Island Mattari Talk Hen"
  • 2012.07.21 - Odaiba Gasshuukoku Limited Edition "Idoling!!! no Natsu Yasuming!!! 2012" Part1 and Part2
  • 2012.08.16 - Odaiba Gasshuukoku Limited Edition "Idoling!!! no Natsu Yasuming!!! 2012" Part3 and Part4


  • 2010.12.24 - Idoling!!! 3Dng de Blu-rayng!!!
  • 2011.09.21 - Idoling!!! Music Video Collection 2 2009-2011
  • 2012.07.18 - Guam Idoling!!! 3D de Tobideruyouni Guam Battemasu Guam Dakeni-ng!!!


  • 2008.06.27 - Idoling!!! Season1 DVD BOX (3 discs), contains episode 1-30 with extra footage
  • 2008.11.28 - Idoling!!! Season2 DVD BOX (6 discs), contains episode 31-130 with extra footage
  • 2009.04.15 - Idoling!!! Season3 DVD BOX (6 discs), contains episode 131-230 with extra footage
  • 2009.09.02 - Idoling!!! Season4 DVD BOX (6 discs), contains episode 231-326 with extra footage
  • 2010.03.17 - Idoling!!! Season5 DVD BOX (6 discs), contains episode 327-404 with extra footage
  • 2010.06.16 - Idoling!!! Season6 DVD BOX (6 discs), contains episode 405-443 with extra footage
  • 2010.10.29 - Idoling!!! Season7 DVD BOX (6 discs), contains episode 444-481 with extra footage
  • 2010.12.15 - Idoling!!! Season8 DVD BOX (6 discs), contains episode 482-519 with extra footage
  • 2011.04.27 - Idoling!!! Season9 DVD BOX (6 discs), contains episode 520-560 with extra footage
  • 2011.09.21 - Idoling!!! Season10 DVD BOX (6 discs), contains episode 561-602 with extra footage
  • 2012.03.07 - Idoling!!! Season11 DVD BOX (6 discs), contains episode 603-639 with extra footage
  • 2012.06.29 - Idoling!!! Season12 DVD BOX (6 discs), contains episode 641-680 with extra footage
  • 2012.10.17 - Idoling!!! Season13 DVD BOX (6 discs), contains episode 681-712 with extra footage

SD Card Edit

  • 2010.12.31 - Resort Idoling!!! Asobi Tsukaretashi Amai Mono Demo Tabeyo
  • 2010.12.31 - Resort Idoling!!! Sekkaku Kitandashisa Umi e Ikouyo


  • 2010.03.24 - Yoshimoto Prince Theater Opening Kinen Live 6DAYS "Ninki Geinin vs Idol"
  • 2010.03.24 - Yoshimoto Prince Theater Opening Kinen Live 6DAYS "Yoshimoto Shin Kigeki with Idol"
  • 2011.07.20 - Fushigi no Kuni no Idoling!!! ~Sunda Hitomi de Itai Kara~
  • 2012.04.18 - Gekidan Idoling!!! First Performance "Peron ~Tokusen Karubi 7 nin Mae wo Peron~"

Other releases Edit

Photobook Edit

  • 2008.03.14 - Idoling!!! Visual Blog "Nitsumarimasu!"
  • 2008.06.04 - B.L.T Special Edition IDOLING!!! LIVE 2008 "Daiji na mono"
  • 2008.12.12 - Idoling!!! in Ishigakijima
  • 2008.08.28 - Idoling!!! Go Ikkou Sama
  • 2010.10.01 - Idoling!!! San
  • 2010.12.06 - Motto Idoling!!! Official Guide
  • 2011.11.06 - Idoling!!! Four in Guam
  • 2012.04.18 - Idoling!!! no Working!!!
  • 2012.10.19 - Idoling!!! GO↑GO↑

Song Tie Up's and CollaborationEdit

Anime Edit

  • Katekyo Hitman Reborn! Ending Theme Song(2007.7.7 - 2007.9.29): friend
  • FAIRY TAIL Opening Theme Song(Episode 12 - 24): S.O.W. Sense Of Wonder
  • FAIRY TAIL Ending Theme Song(Episode 86 - 98): Don't Think. Feel!!!

Games Edit

  • Konami "Tokimeki Memorial 4" (PSP) Opening Theme Song: Te no Hira no Yuuki
  • Sega "Puyo Puyo 7" (PSP/NDS/Wii) Image Song: Love Magic Fever
  • Sony "LittleBigPlanet 2" (PS3) CM Song: Yarakai Heart
  • Sega "Puyo Puyo!! 20th Anniversary" Support Song: Koi no 20 Rensa!!
  • Square-Enix "Sengoku IXA" Special Event (August 2 - September 1, 2010)[23]
  • Fuji TV & Cyber Agent "Dream Sengokuden ~Kibō no Miko~" Special Collaboration (April 18, 2011 - July 19, 2012)[24]
  • Pocelabo "Yakyutomo!" Special Collaboration (October 15 - November 4, 2010)[25]
  • Sega "Kurohyou 2: Ryuu ga Gotoku Ashura-hen" in-game characters (#3 Endō, #6 Tonooka, #19 Tachibana)[26]
  • Collaboration with MMORPG "Trickster"
  • Collaboration with mobile mahjong game "Jyannabi Yonin Mahjong Online"
  • GREE "IDOL☆J@M"[27]

TV Show Edit

  • Fuji TV "Kiseki Taiken! Unbelievable" Ending Theme Song(2009.4 - 7): baby blue
  • Fuji TV "Raion no Gokigenyo" Ending Theme Song(2009.6.29 -): Mujouken Koufuku
  • Fuji TV "Kiseki Taiken! Unbelievable" Ending Theme Song(2010.1 - 3): Don't be afraid
  • Fuji TV "Kiseki Taiken! Unbelievable" Ending Theme Song(2011.1 - 3): Queen Bee ~Shoujo no Jidai Kara~
  • CBC "Otakara Hasshin Tower DAI-NAMO" Ending Theme Song: Konayuki ga Mau Machinami de
  • Fuji TV "Kiseki Taiken! Unbelievable" Ending Theme Song(2012.1 - 3): MAMORE!!!
  • TBS "Hanamaru Market" Ending Theme Song(2012.1 - 3): Sara Sara Kyutiko

Movie Edit

  • Pyokotan Profile Ending Theme Song: Lemon Drop

Event Edit

  • HOT☆FANTASY ODAIBA 2007-2008 Image song: Snow celebration
  • ROBO_JAPAN 2008 Image Song: Tokimeki Dreaming!!!
  • HOT☆FANTASY ODAIBA 2008-2009 Image Song: Hannin wa Anata Desu, NAGARA
  • Idol Championship "Push★1" Image Song: Beta na Shitsuren ~Shibuya ni Furu Yuki~, Harukanaru Virgin Road

Software Edit

  • Microsoft Windows Vista "Vista Gakuen" Campaign Song: Kokuhaku

TV Commercial Edit

  • Sega "Ryuu ga Gotoku OF THE END" local TV commercial
  • Marudai Shokuhin "Ganbare! Nippon!" Campaign Song(April 1 - May 31, 2012)[28]: Megami no Pulse

Other Collaborations Edit

  • Collaboration with Sony VAIO
  • Collaboration with Microsoft Digital Quiz on Koto no Pa!
  • Collaboration with Yahoo!Japan "Net Bandzuke 2010"[29]
  • Collaboration with Flash Animation "Naked Wolves"
  • Collaboration with Hewlett-Packard Japan[30][31][32]
  • Tokyo Polytechnic University Future Exhibition 2009 Special Supporter
  • Oiso Prince Hotel, Oiso Long Beach 55th Anniversary Campaign Girl[33]
  • Collaboration with Wacom "Tenohira Animal Land" (July 4 - August 6, 2012) [34]
  • Collaboration with fashion brand VANQUISH for Idoling!!! 12th Live Limited Edition T-shirt (October 26 - November 25, 2012) [35]
  • Collaboration with Glico Giant Caplico "Caplico Queen Ketteisen" (October 27 - December 9, 2012) [36]

Events ParticipationEdit

  • TOKYO IDOL FESTIVAL 2010 (2010.08.07-08)[37]
  • Tokyo Earth Ride 2010 (2010.10.11)[38]
  • TOKYO EARTH WORKERS collection 2011 (2011.01.23)[38]
  • TOKYO IDOL FESTIVAL 2011 (2011.08.27-28)[39]
  • EKIDEN for PEACE 2011 (2011.10.02)[40] - Live performance and relay race.
  • TOKYO EARTH WORKERS collection 2012 (2012.02.12)[38]
  • EXIT TUNES ACADEMY -EXIT TUNES 10th ANNIVERSARY SPECIAL- in Saitama Super Arena (2012.05.06)[41] - Opening act.
  • Yubi Matsuri ~Idol Rinji Soukai~ in Nippon Budokan produced by HKT48 Rino Sashihara (2012.06.25)[42]
  • Japan Expo 2012 (2012.07.07)[43] - Live performance and handshake event.
  • TOKYO IDOL FESTIVAL 2012 (2012.08.04-05)[44]
  • a-nation musicweek IDOL NATION in Yoyogi National Gymnasium (2012.08.11)[45]
  • Inazuma Rock Fes. 2012 (2012.09.15) - Live performance at the free area only[46]


  1. Lohas Design Award 2010 Special Prize for "Eco Idoling!!!"[47]
  2. Lohas Design Award 2011 Special Prize for Social game "Dream Sengokuden ~Kibō no Miko~"[48]


2008/12 — 2009/01Edit

Group Furi Furi Idoling!!! Giza Giza Idoling!!! Kyun Kyun Idoling!!! Ban Ban Idoling!!!
Single "Hannin wa Anata Desu" "Nagara"1 "Beta na Shitsuren (Shibuya ni Furu Yuki)" "Haruka Naru Virgin Road"
Members Endō (#3)
Yokoyama (#9)
Morita (#11)
Sakai (#14)
Koizumi (#2)
Phongchi (#8)
Miyake (#17)
Miki (#18)
Tonooka (#6)
Yazawa (#7)
Kawamura (#12)
Asahi (#15)
Katō (#1)
Eto (#4)
Takiguchi (#5)
Nagano (#13)
Kikuchi (#16)

1 The missing heart in the Hannin wa Anata Desu PV can be seen in the PV for Na•Ga•Ra


Group Tokimeki Idoling!!! Puyo Puyo Idoling!!!
Single "Te no Hira no Yūki" "Love Magic Fever"
Group Endō (#3)
Tonooka (#6)
Yokoyama (#9)
Morita (#11)1
Miyake (#17)
Tachibana (#19)
Ōkawa (#20)
Yazawa (#7)
Phongchi (#8)
Kawamura (#12)
Nagano (#13)
Sakai (#14)
Asahi (#15)
Kikuchi (#16)
Hashimoto (#21)

1 Morita did not appear in the PV.


In the fall of 2010,[49] the 20 members were divided into pairs to form 10 groups. Fans then voted on which duo would perform their own track on the next single. Team Gakuran was the winner and performed the track "Ichikoi" on the Yarakai Heart single.

Team Hitorikko OGI BOX Docchi Ienen Oozumou Gakuran Touzai Ryuu Yokozuna HaTaChi Ojousama Sainenshou
Members Endo (#3)
Tachibana (#19)
Yokoyama (#9)
Kawamura (#12)
Tonooka (#6)
Nagano (#13)
Morita (#11)
Nomoto (#24)
Okawa (#20)
Ojima (#26)
Asahi (#15)
Goto (#25)
Phongchi (#8)
Sakai (#14)
Yazawa (#7)
Kikuchi (#16)
Miyake (#17)
Ito (#23)
Hashimoto (#21)
Kurata (#22)

In Summer 2010, a song "Makehende" was introduced at Shinahachi Live in NGK. The song was originally written only for this event but due to demand from fans, the song then applied to USEN Music Program. The song entered USEN ranking top 50 and decided to be included in Idoling!!! 4th album "SISTERS" released in 2011 . A music video then created after the song managed to enter top 30.

Team Kansai Idoling!!!
Members Morita (#11)
Tachibana (#19)
Okawa (#20)
Kurata (#22)
Nomoto (#24)

Idoling!!! Programs Edit

The Idoling!!! program started on October 30, 2006, airing every weekday on two Fuji TV's satellite channels, Fuji TV One. The show is a variety show, making each airing different. However, there are a few recurring core segments.

Mani Idol!!! This segment is Idoling!!!'s miscellaneous segment. Anything from racing Mini Yonku to learning how to finger-whistle is dealt with in this segment.
Ganbaringu!!! This segment is Idoling!!!'s miscellaneous physical activity / sport segment. Past challenges included having all the members jump rope simultaneously, dribble basketballs through an obstacle course of supine staff members and participate in badminton games where the position of the fallen shuttlecock determines a specific punishment.
Iisō Shiritori!!! The members sit in a semicircle and play a game of Shiritori. The challenge lies in the rule that the contribution must be a sentence that would be said by something specific (a school-teacher, a nurse, a lottery winner, etc.). A new sentence must start with the same syllable as the previous one ended. If they stutter, reuse a line or end their sentence with an nn /ん sound, they are disqualified and held still while a staff member in a white unitard blasts them in the face with a leaf-blower.
Fan-sama Request!!! Fans submit a specific phrase or sentence online that they want the members to say. One by one, the members stand behind a device with a rising panel and deliver their lines as appropriately or as cutely as they can. A winner is chosen once everyone has had their turn.

Other segments
These segments are fairly new or do not appear as frequently as the above. Segments will often gain temporary popularity with the staff and fans, resulting in recurring airings for a short period, followed by a period where the once-popular segment does not air at all.

Zenin Seikai Itadakimasu Quiz!!! The members are presented with some type of food or dessert and must identify it. All members must have written the correct name to permit anyone to enjoy the food. If even a single member does not answer correctly, the entire group must drink a bitter tea concoction.
Eigo de GO! GO! GO!!! Hashimoto, Asahi and Morita (named Nancy, George and Pinky for this segment) are suspected to have the worst grasp of English in the entire group. In this segment, they attempt to translate well-known Japanese phrases to the rest of the members. The members then do their best to decipher the phrase through the mangled English.
Baka-Rizumu wa Dare Da? "Who is Baka-Rhythm?" In this segment, four members are chosen at a time to sit separate from the group. They all don an earpiece with the catch being that only a single headphone broadcasts a live-feed from Masuno, who sits in a vocal-booth off stage. Masuno commands the affected member to write or act-out various things. Once finished, the watching members must wager a guess at which participant was acting through Masuno's instruction.


uRaIdoling is a special collection of Idoling episodes available only to fanclub members. These episodes feature a behind-the-scenes look at the various activities of the members (and occasionally the staff) when they are not filming the main show. These episodes are not constrained to any format and cover topics and subjects with no specificity. Some examples of episodes include visiting member's houses, cooking with members, games or discussions between small groups of members, solo interviews, photo-shoot documentaries, and PV "making of" documentaries.

Gekkan Idoling!!!Edit

Gekkan Idoling can be considered Idoling's monthly specials. These episodes feature off-location activities such as cooking lessons, camping trips, games. They are similar to uRaIdoling in their miscellaneousness, though they are longer in length and feature most, if not all, members. The full episodes were later released in a longer format on DVD for fan club members. After a year, Gekkan Idoling!!! became a direct-to-DVD production without TV broadcast.


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